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Service Dog meets Pluto

Posted on by christy.ross

The “Dad-Do”

Posted on by christy.ross

2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards: Full List of Winners!

Posted on by Shem

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

Presenters at this year’s ceremony included Idris Elba, Rachel McAdams, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who presented this year’s Life Achievement Award to the legendary Carol Burnett!

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WATCH: Joseph Fiennes ‘as Shocked as You’ to Portray Michael Jackson in New Film

Posted on by josh.mclean

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Joseph Fiennes admits that he was “as shocked as fans may be” that he was cast as Michael Jackson in the upcoming TV film Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon.

Click to watch the video

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2016 NHL All-Star Game FAQ: Need to know

Posted on by rogers.radio

By Daniel Goffenberg, Sportsnet.ca

The NHL has never shied away from making changes to its all-star game format, and this year is no exception.

Gone is the Fantasy Draft scenario where two captains take turns selecting their teams.

This year, the NHL’s four divisions will face-off against each other in a 3-on-3 mini-tournament at Bridgestone Arena in Nasvhille.

With the game set to take place on Jan. 31, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s event.

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The Five Most Popular Comfort Foods

Posted on by josh.mclean


When’s the best time to have pizza? According to a new survey, it’s WHENEVER. Just shove it in your face, and shut up.

The survey found it’s our favorite “comfort food” . . . one of the top five foods we want when we’re SICK . . . and one of the top five foods we want at a party. Here are the top five comfort foods . . .

1. Pizza, which got more than twice as many votes compared to any other food.

2. Chocolate.

3. Ice cream.

4. Macaroni and cheese.

5. Chips. The rest of the top 10 are burgers, steak, popcorn, pasta, and Mexican food.

The survey also found men and women eat comfort foods for totally different reasons. Women are most likely to do it when they’re stressed out. Men are most likely to do it after they’ve had a really GOOD day.

Soup was the number one food people said they want when they’re sick, followed by ice cream. Pizza and toast tied for third.
And when we’re celebrating a special occasion, we want steak more than anything else. Cake was the second most popular answer, then pizza.

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Just How Many Facebook Friends Can You Count On?

Posted on by josh.mclean


You may have a lot of Facebook friends – but how many can you actually count on?

Evolutionary biologists at Oxford University in England found that even though the average person has more than 150 Facebook friends, we’d only go to 14 of those people for sympathy in a tough situation.

And in a real crisis, we’d only go to FOUR of them.

The researchers say that makes sense, because we don’t have the mental capacity to have a ton of real friends.

Our brains can juggle around five super close friends, 15 pretty close friends, 50 good friends, 150 total friends, 500 acquaintances, and 1,500 people we recognize on sight.

“The 150 layer is the important one:  This defines the people you have real reciprocated relationships with, those where you feel obligations and would willingly do favours.”  In other words, VERY few of your Facebook “friends.”

(Photo courtesy of Science 2.0)

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Apple’s Putting The Squeeze On Canadian Customers

Posted on by josh.mclean


As if the price of cauliflower wasn’t enough, Apple just announced they’re jacking up prices on the App Store!

Apple announced they’re raising prices around 17%…that means an app that used to cost $1.19 will now be $1.39, and apps that used to run $50 will be closer to $70.

Financial experts say, just like every mega corporation, Apple is under pressure from stockholders to post big profits and the low Canadian dollar would eat into that.

No changes to retail prices on hardware like iPhones and iPads yet but if the dollar keeps dropping, that’s probably not far behind.

And, at least we’re not alone…app prices are also going up in New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, Israel, South Africa and Singapore.

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You Can Now Dress Like Taylor Swift…But You’ll Need A Plane Ticket

Posted on by josh.mclean


Some kind of surprising news…Taylor Swift just released her new signature clothing line. The surprising part is that Taylor didn’t already have a fashion line, since it seems like every pop star in the world has one.

The bad news: if you want to buy a ‘Shake It Off’ sweater or Taylor-brand leather pants, you’ll need to book a ticket to Hong Kong.

The clothing line is for the moment only being sold in China…Taylor is insanely popular there and has been battling black market counterfeits with her name on them for years, so this is her attempt to give Chinese fans the real deal.

Fingers crossed she’ll be expanding her line worldwide sooner rather than later! For now, you’ll have to shake off your dissapointment

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Glenn Frey: A Tribute

Posted on by robin.harper

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